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Shuttle Van & Shuttle Bus Rentals

Shuttle Van & Shuttle Bus Rentals

If You Looking For Shuttle Van & Shuttle Bus Rentals Services In NYC Just Call Us Now:

Shuttle Van & Shuttle Bus RentalsShuttle van & shuttle bus rentals when you are traveling with a group, getting a taxi that can accommodate your entire party and your luggage can be difficult. At NYC Van and Limo we strive to make your trip as comfortable as possible, so we can pick up your party from the airport, your hotel, or any other location in or near the city of New York and get you to your destinations without any delay.

Shuttle Van & Shuttle Bus Rentals
Shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals are great for when you are visiting the tri-state area, but they are also a great way for a group of friends to take a road trip and explore areas outside of the city as well. We know that getting to your destination is important, so whether you rent a shuttle van, a bus, or a large SUV, our team will pick you up whenever you need and get you to your destination on time.

We offer door-to-door rides in all five boroughs within the city of New York, so whether you are traveling to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten-Island, shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals will be available in your neighborhood. If you are traveling with a group, whether they are students, senior citizens, or another group, you can also request snacks and drinks for the trip. To get a free quote on shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals for your next vacation, call us at (212) 567-1111 today.

Shuttle Van & Shuttle Bus Rentals

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For the past 20 years, our team of professional chauffeurs has provided over 9,000 customers with a happy driving experience where they feel safe. Dependable drivers are something that our team strives to maintain so that you can feel comfortable in our driver’s hands as they take you to your destination. All of our drivers are drug tested on a regular basis to ensure that they are always driving to the best of their ability, and they are required to have a DOT license and certification before they are permitted to drive any vehicle in our fleet.

When you hire a driver for shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals, you will be able to trust that the driver will always be courteous and professional while you are in the auto. In fact, all of our drives know the traffic patterns in and around New York so that they can get you to your destination in a timely manner. Let us take care of the driving for you as you enjoy the company of those traveling with you, and when your shuttle van or shuttle bus reaches a point of interest along the way, your driver will point it out to you so that you do not miss a great photo opportunity.

Airport Services
When you have a large group that needs to be picked up from the airport, we will have a shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals that meet your needs for rent. In fact, our chauffeurs will be at the gate when you arrive to lead you and the rest of your group to the vehicle that you have rented to take you to your hotel. We serve all of the major airports in the tri-state area including the two airports that are located in Queens, NY, which are LGA and JFK, as well as the major airport in Newark, NJ, which is EWR. If JFK limousine services do not meet your needs, there will be plenty of shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals available for you to rent.

Whether you need a means of transportation in the day or at night, one of our drivers will be there to pick you up and take you to anyplace that you need to go in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten-Island. We also will take you to areas outside of the city that are a little further upstate in NY as well as most of NJ. If you want to ensure that we serve your area, contact us at (212) 567-1111.

Shuttle Van Fleet
If you are looking for a shuttle van to transport you and your party to another location, then there are a few options that you can consider for rentals. There is a passenger van that accommodates 10 to 14 people, which is great for transportation to and from airports such as JFK, LGA, and EWR.

There are also 14 shuttle van options that you can select from for your auto rental. These options have high ceilings with lots of cargo space, phone chargers, and Wi-Fi in the auto that you can use on the way to your destination. These can be rented per hour or for the day, but if you go for the hourly option for shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals, you will need to rent the vehicle for at least three hours.

If you bought a lot of cargo with you to NY or NJ, there are also cargo vans that you can rent. These vans can even meet you in LGA, JFK, or EWR if you had your cargo shipped to one of the airports by plane. To get an estimate on the price of this type of rental, simply call 212 567-1111 to speak with a representative, and you can call any time of the day or night because we offer 24/7 customer service. If you are traveling with someone who requires a wheelchair to get around, there are also wheelchair accessible shuttle van options that you can choose from as well for your travel needs.

Shuttle Bus Fleet
If you have a large crowd that you need transportation for, then a shuttle bus is going to be a great option worth considering if you are leaving from any of the five boroughs including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, or Staten-Island. This is a great option for long road trips as well because many of these shuttle bus rentals have bathrooms in them that can be used during the trip.

If you have 24 to 28 people with you, a mini coach bus is a great option, and each of these buses have phone chargers, Wi-Fi that can be used onboard, and overhead storage that makes travel convenient. When you rent a shuttle bus this size, you will need to purchase the rentals for at least four hours. There are also more luxurious buses if you want to travel in style.

If you rent a mid-size bus, you can choose between a 36 passenger shuttle bus and a 44 passenger coach or school bus, which is an ideal option when you are traveling with a group of children. There are also 56 seat passenger coaches that you can select from to give you a bit more space.

If you want to really enjoy limousine services NYC, but you have a large party, then there are 54 passenger lounge limo buses that you should consider. These shuttle bus rentals have multiple flat screen televisions to enjoy, they are Bluetooth compatible, and they have the option to hook up a PlayStation or an Xbox to enjoy as you are driven to your destination. For a group of adults, you will enjoy the dancing poles, the laser light show, and the full bar that is onboard the vehicle.

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If you are looking for shuttle van & shuttle bus rentals, you can contact us at any time to get a free quote. We offer 24/7 customer service, airport transportation in NY and NJ, and a professional team that will get you to your destination safely. To hire a driver or a personal chauffeur for your time in NYC, bel (212) 567-1111 today.


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