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14 Passasier Mercedes GL Huur NYC

14 Passasier Mercedes GL

14 Passasier Mercedes GL Huur NYC

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14 passasiers
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    We Offer 14 Passenger Mercedes GL Rentals in NYC

    Rent the incredible Mercedes GL 14-passenger van whenever your good name is on the line. Arriving in this luxury van is a sure way to turn heads and make that impression on others that lasts. Of course, you won’t need a large van of this capacity for your simple transportation needs, but instead, when travelling in large groups. The van comfortably accommodates up to 14 people in sleek sophisticated style. The Mercedes GL full-size van is aesthetically appealing, but it’s also a vehicle that enhances your ride. Comfortable, spacious, and filled with amenities, the Mercedes GL is the perfect van to accommodate your event.


    Get to Know More

    14 Passasier Mercedes GL


    Mercedes is a well-known luxury automobile maker who recently ventured into the full-size commercial vehicle line. The GL series was introduced in 2006 and was an instant success. Now the GL is a go-to van for many business professionals and individuals who need to arrange safe, secure and luxurious transportation. It’s one thing to rent a van, but an entirely new scenario when premium vehicles are used for the trip. Let us help you make special memories for this event and arrange GL rental today. Therefore, call us at (212)567-1111 to request a quote, to ask questions or to otherwise get one step closer to scheduling your transportation rental.

    The GL full-size van is spacious so everyone inside enjoys a comfortable ride. In addition, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and unwind when you’re inside of the Mercedes GL. It feels like you are riding on air. With tons of cargo space behind the front seats and in the back of the van, it’s easy to bring all sporting equipment, musical instruments, luggage, and other items that you need to accommodate you on the trip. The van offers premium features that ensure the best possible transportation.

    When to Rent a Van

    The 14-passenger van is suitable to rent for many different occasions when you want luxury transportation for the entire crew. Thanks to our on-time guarantee, you’ll always arrive at your event ready to enjoy the evening after an admirable first impression is made upon all who see you inside of the Mercedes GL.

    Rent a 14-passenger van for these occasions and many others:

    – Sports games and tournaments 
    – Passenger vans trips 
    – Church events 
    – Youth events 
    – NYC tours 

    Mercedes GL Rental Available

    If you can picture yourself inside of the Mercedes GL, give us a call to make this a reality. Call us now at (212)567-1111 to request your free, no obligation personalized quote or to schedule Mercedes GL rental. Our drivers provide superior service and we stand behind it with an on-time guarantee. In addition, the Mercedes GL van one of our premium vehicles, but the price doesn’t reflect that. Don’t take our word for it and call us today. We’re the New York van & limousine rental company that’s always on time, professional, and ready to surpass all of your expectations.

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