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Affordable Limo Service in NYC

Ride Luxuriously With the Most Affordable Limo Service in NYC

Buying a limousine involves spending thousands of bucks. The maintenance is high, and although it is an ideal car to show off, the total cost is almost unbearable for many. However, that shouldn’t dent the dream of a person who’s hoping to ride in a limo one day. Furthermore, thanks to companies providing affordable limo service in NYC such as NYC Van & Limo, people can now fulfill that dream without spending a fortune. People may see various limos traversing the streets of NYC, but what they don’t know is many of them are available to rent. These companies are making dreams come true for many. It is a cost-effective way to experience what riding in one of the most luxurious cars in the world feels like.

Whether it is for a corporate party or arriving at a wedding, the event is an excuse to ride in such a massive car that comes with countless amenities. The sheer luxury of limousines is enough to turn the heads of many. And, when people can rent it for the day, they shouldn’t give it a second thought. Companies like NYC Van and Limo have some of the most exquisite limos in their fleet. With the latest models around, clients will a variety of luxury options to choose from.


Unmatched Quality

What amazes people the most about limousines is their interiors. It is almost like a five-star hotel inside a car. The soft leather seats, full air conditioning, mini bar, and several other amenities make the ride one to remember for a lifetime. Therefore, when people decide to rent such a thing of beauty, they are usually confused about which one to choose. Moreover, there are a variety of limo sizes available for the clients. Novelty, stretch, exotic, and even the traditional limos make for one hell of a drive. Depending on the event that the client is attending and their budget, they can choose from these stylish limousines, all of which are reasonably priced so that more people can afford to ride them.

affordable Limo Service NYC


Types of Limos

If someone is planning to travel solo or with a group of friends, there are numerous limos available to rent. Some of the models that they can rent are:

• Antique Limousines

For those who want to make a grand entrance at their wedding or a corporate event, an antique limousine will be the best car to travel in. People will undoubtedly ask where the client got the limo from. NYC Van and Limo offers some exquisite antique limousines available in white and black. If someone wants to make their day special, then renting this limousine will be an incredible idea.

• 18 Passenger QX56

The limousines of this model are so big that they almost resemble a bus. As the name suggests, it is spacious enough to accommodate as many as 18 passengers. People who want to throw a party in a limousine while touring the famous tourist destinations in New York City can rent this limousine. With mini bars and plenty of champagne in the limo, people won’t have a shortage of drinks inside. Most importantly, the drivers are aware of the busiest streets of NYC. They will try to avoid them so that clients don’t have to wait in traffic for hours.

• 20 Passenger Cadillac Stretch

Many people wish to welcome clients with open arms. However, sending a regular car will not look very inviting. Instead, a 20 passenger limo will do the job. If there is a team of clients coming to visit an office in NYC, the best way to greet them from JFK or Laguardia airport is by arranging an airport transfer. They will be stunned to see such a massive limousine welcome them to the greatest city in the world. Since all the limos are well-maintained, people can be assured that their ride will not only be comfortable but also a memorable one as they explore the world-famous skyline in NYC.

Luxury Meets Affordability

Many people believe that limousines are only for wealthy people. They use to envy those who have limousines, but now, others will envy them because hiring an affordable limo service in NYC is now only a phone call away. Limousines are proof of how classy it is to travel the streets of NYC in one of the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world. But for those who can’t afford to buy one, they now have the option to rent a limo for a few hours or even for a day.

All they have to do is visit the website of NYC Van and Limo and fill out their information. This includes things such as name, address, pick up location, destination, time for pickup, and payment details. They can choose from the list of limousines available for rent on the specific date and time of their journey. Depending on the size, the number of hours, and the distance the car has to travel, the website will specify the amount the client has to be pay. Once the payment is confirmed, the client can be assured that there will be a chauffeur waiting at the pickup location on the specified date.

With limousine rentals becoming so popular, affordable limo services in NYC are increasing every day. More companies are providing this service, considering the bright prospect the business has. All of them know that the safety and security of the clients are of primary concern. That is why they employ some of the most experienced drivers in the business. Their drivers have DOT license and certification, and people can rely on them to ensure a comfortable ride.


Call Us Now for Affordable Limo Service in NYC

New York Van and Limo is one of the companies that provide affordable limo service in NYC. From antique to traditional limos, they have a wide variety of cars that clients can choose from. Their drivers are always punctual and friendly. They will arrive at the pickup location ahead of time and will make sure the client reaches their destination quickly. Therefore, if anyone requires a limo service, they can get in touch with New York Van and Limo for a dream ride in and around the big apple. All you have to do is call (212) 567-1111 today!

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