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Bus Charter Services NYC Metro Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, The Bronx & Manhattan

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Bus Charter Services NYC Metro, If you are considering bus charter services in the NY area, your first step should be to call (212) 567-1111 for more information. We offer assistance in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, The Bronx, and Manhattan.

This service includes a VIP experience while servicing New York City. If you are planning school trips, corporate trips, church trips, or any other event trips, a charter bus rental from NYC Van & Limo can meet your needs.

A variety of people are calling (212) 567-1111 to make a charter bus rental their number one choice for corporate transportation or any other event transportation. We offer budget-friendly services and friendly and well-trained drivers among various other benefits when you charter a bus.


One of those benefits is flexibility. When you book today, your NY charter bus rental experience will be one of a kind. With our charter bus rental services at (212) 567-1111, you can decide where to go and when to stop.

Our professionally trained drivers can handle all of your group travel needs. We are flexible so we can accommodate academic events as well as sporting events. We provide comfort from departure to destination. With a bus charter, you never have to worry about catching a ride home.

A bus charter is also flexible when it comes to delivery and pick up times. You can typically adjust these times when issues arise.

Bus Charter Services NYC Metro For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (212) 567-1111


The second greatest benefit of calling (212) 567-1111 is our reliability. When using a bus charter, cancellation or delay typically never happens. A charter bus rental allows you to stay on the same bus for the entire duration of your trip. This fact means you can be confident you will get to and from your destination on time.


Serving New York City and the surrounding areas including Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, The Bronx, and Manhattan, NY, USA, we can handle any issue with traffic snarls and other challenges by using real-time access to data. If you have ever been stuck in the middle seat, you know it is uncomfortable. This fact is especially true for those who are taller.

Every seat on a bus charter is a window or aisle seat removing the dreaded middle seat. Even with 14 rows, you will get at least three feet of pitch regardless of seat choice. While traveling on a charter bus rental, you can get up and move around as it is needed.

Your driver will never tell you to put on your seatbelt because of turbulence. This freedom allows you and your group to socialize or work as you travel. A charter bus rental is also perfect for larger passengers who prefer the extra available space. Unlike airlines, we want to ensure everyone in NY, USA is comfortable regardless of size.

Bus Charter Services NYC Metro For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (212) 567-1111

Bus Charter Services NYC MetroHasslefree

Another benefit of bus charter is you will never have to put your electronics on ‘bus mode’ like ‘airplane mode.’ Whether your trips are multi-day trips or same-day trips, you will never experience the air travel hassles such as:

• Regulation of the usage of your device
• Extra baggage fees
• Long TSA lines
• Extraordinarily high food costs
• Hidden fees for amenities


One of the unique benefits of renting a bus charter from NYC Van & Limo at (212) 567-1111 is it is the best hands-free mode of travel in NYC, USA. No other mode of transportation in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Long Island, or Queens can provide you with the comprehensive travel associated with bus charter.

You will never need to pump gas or get directions or even check the time when you bus charter with the professionals in NY because you expert driver will take care of it all. With a charter bus rental, you never have to leave two hours earlier than your scheduled departure time. If you or your guest would like to take a nap or take in the scenery, it is possible without any driving or planning issues.


Do you ever question your safety in a vehicle? Another incredible benefit of a bus charter is the safety aspect. Access is limited to a charter bus rental which makes it almost impossible for an unwanted guest to board. Personal items are also safe when left on board.

Our friendly and well trained drivers are required to have extensive credentials to ensure the safety of all passengers. This fact backs the research that shows charter bus travel is safer than driving your car. If an accident does occur, research also supports severe injury and death are less likely in a bus when compared to a car.

Bus Charter Services NYC Metro For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (212) 567-1111

Bus Charter Services NYC Metro Perfect Size

Another fabulous benefit of a charter bus rental comes from the ability to find a charter bus perfect for your group size. At (212) 567-1111 in NY, we have a massive variety of sizes and amenities available.

We have charter buses for group travel, corporate trips, church trips, school trips, etc. We offer onboard restrooms, dance floors, bars, DVD players, TVs, PA systems and many more options for your group travel needs.

Some environmentalist would encourage charter bus rentals because even if only two people travel together by bus instead of a car, the carbon emissions are cut in half.

The number of emissions would be significantly reduced even further if 30 or 40 people traveled together by bus charter. A variety of studies support the notion that bus travel is the perfect mode of transportation to help the planet.

Large Group Friendly

The final benefit to be discussed here is the fact that there is no better way to transport large groups. Whether the travel involves corporate events, academic events, or sporting events, charter bus rentals offer a variety of advantages.

All passengers board and disembark together which reduces the headache of keeping everyone together. It is possible to make one announcement and reach everyone in the group at the same time. With confidence in security, you can move everyone on and off the bus quicker which leaves more time to eat, drink, shop, and enjoy the destination.

When you call (212) 567-1111, you can enjoy all of the above charter bus rental benefits. You can call us 24/7 to get a free quote or book today. We are experts serving New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, and The Bronx areas.

We have NYC’s friendly and well trained drivers with charters available today. Our budget friendly services will provide you with a VIP experience within your budget. If you live or will be visiting NYC, USA, call us today for the best prices for all of your chartering needs.

Bus Charter Services NYC Metro For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (212) 567-1111

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