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Charter Bus Rental In NYC

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Charter Bus Rental In NYC –  When you think of charter buses, you may automatically limit your thinking. At NYC Van & Limo, we suggest that a charter bus can be ideal for any transportation purpose. If you are hosting a family event such as a wedding, graduation, or retirement party, we have a bus to fit your needs.

If your school or church is planning a trip, we have you covered. Business or corporate meetings and conferences transportation can also be handled by charter bus. We can even manage the transportation for political rallies and protests. At NYC Van & Limo, we have even helped with disaster relief transportation.

Charter Bus Rental In NYC For More Info Please Call Us:(212) 567-1111

By calling (212) 567-1111, you will get access to our extensive fleet of charter buses which includes the following styles:

• School Buses
• Limo/Lounge Buses
• Coach Buses

Any of our buses can handle multi-day trips or same-day trips. We can give any of your school trips, corporate trips, church trips, event trips, etc. a VIP touch. We serve NY, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas.

Charter Bus Rental In NYC For More Info Please Call Us:(212) 567-1111

Charter Bus Rental In NYC

School Buses

Our school buses are excellent for day trips and overnight trips with 45 or less participants. Our school buses are late model and are equipped with seatbelts to keep your group safe. The below the floor storage offers a massive amount of storage for your group’s luggage or other items. The AM/FM radio will help to keep your group entertained as you travel.

Limo/Lounge Buses

We offer three different variations of our limo/lounge bus.

54 Passenger

Our 54 passenger luxury limo bus is great for those who want to make style, luxury, and comfort their top priority. This bus is excellent for corporate events or family events such as weddings and graduations. When calling (212) 567-1111, you are guaranteed the absolute best in luxury and style with this bus. It has black leather interior and heated seats for those colder journeys. This bus also offers a DVD player, AM/FM/CD player, and Xbox/PlayStation hook up to ensure your guests are entertained. With two dance poles, restrooms, full bar, laser light show, and fiber optic lights, your journey can be turned into a party without issue. This bus also offers onboard Wi-Fi, an iPhone charger, and laptop desk to allow your corporate group to conduct business as they travel.

36 Passenger

Our 36 passenger limo/lounge bus has some of the same features as the 54 passenger bus. However, this vehicle also features a card/game/meeting table which makes it perfect to be a rolling office meeting area. It also offers capacity for oversized luggage to keep your passengers safe and comfortable. The PA system is great when a group announcement needs to be made. The driver has built-in GPS and overhead monitors, so you can be confident you and your group will arrive on schedule regardless of traffic snarls. If you are transporting between 30 and 40 people, this bus is perfect for your group.

28 Passenger

Our 28 passenger limo/lounge bus is one of a kind because of our amazing drivers. The black leather interior and heated seats make a ride to JFK, LGA, and EWR a fabulous experience. By calling (212) 567-1111, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Our phone lines are open 24/7. Our customer service representatives will match your group to the best bus. This passenger bus has an iPhone charger, laptop desk, and onboard Wi-Fi to allow your group to make money as you travel. Call us today for a free quote or to book this awesome bus.

Charter Bus Rental In NYC For More Info Please Call Us:(212) 567-1111

Charter Bus Rental In NYCCoach Buses

We have seven different styles of coaches which come in large, mid-size, and mini. Each of these buses can handle a variety of your transportation needs including corporate trips, school trips, church trips, convention transportation, and any other event transportation needs.

56 Passenger

We serve Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Brooklyn with this 56 passenger bus. It has black interior, heated seats with plenty of storage room. This bus is perfect for a variety of different events that require you to transport 40 to 50 passengers. The onboard Wi-Fi and iPhone charger give you the opportunity to surf the web or conduct business as needed.

44 Passenger Mid-Size

The 44 passenger mid-size bus is perfect for those groups who want luxury without high prices. This bus comes equipped with AC/Heat to ensure you and your guests are comfortable regardless of the outside weather. A microphone is included to enable you to make those group announcements. The Wi-Fi setting is optional on this bus so that you can control the amount of internet exposure for children.

36 Passenger Mid-Size Executive

The 36 passenger mid-size executive is the perfect bus for the corporate trip. This bus has black leather interior with AC/Heat to keep your employees comfortable while they do business. You can even ask for Wi-Fi for the trip to ensure your group doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to time-sensitive work. The executive mid-size offers class and style at affordable prices.

36 Passenger Mid-Size Executive with Bathroom

With a full size bar and room to move, this mid-size executive is ready for your party. The darkened windows allow you to see out but make it difficult for others to see inside the bus. The onboard bathroom makes this bus perfect for longer or overnight trips. As with all of our buses, you also get a professional driver to ensure you get where you are going safely and on time.

28 Passenger Executive Mini

With some of the same features as the mid-size executive bus, the executive mini bus is ready to handle all of your traveling needs in a more homely environment. Your group of 28 or less will enjoy the coziness of this bus while still having room for all of the luggage. You can book yours today by calling NYC Van & Limo at (212) 567-1111.

24 Passenger Mini

The 24 passenger mini offers a massive amount of cargo space despite the name. It also offers AC and Heating with a CD/AM/FM radio to ensure your guests are comfortable and happy. The optional Wi-Fi can be added for those groups who need to stay connected.

24 Passenger Executive Mini

The 24 passenger executive mini has all of the same features as the 24 passenger mini but offers black leather interior and an overhead luggage rack.

Charter Bus Rental In NYC or More Info Please Call Us:(212) 567-1111

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