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Why Should Your Company Consider Employee Transportation?

Does your company offer employee transportation for workers?

Imagine a place where workers come to work every morning without worrying about the inconveniences of public transport. A place where workers are not worried that leaving the workplace after nine o’clock in the night puts them in danger. That’s why you have to consider Employee Transportation

While metro cities have an advanced road and transportation network, workers still waste a lot of time waiting for a taxi or standing in a queue to get into the morning train. The time spent waiting for a ride can increase the company’s workers’ anxieties and worries. Workers are the drivers of a company’s growth; it is essential that they not worry about transportation. This way, they will be more productive.

While some companies have introduced dynamic work shifts and work from home schedules, there are still many workers who have to go to the office every day. Over the past few years, congestion has only worsened, with drivers spending more than nine percent of their time driving at speeds less than nine miles an hour.


How does a long commute affect employees?

• The employees get to the office with neck and back pain

• Traveling for long periods increases anxiety and blood pressure

• Long commutes can make someone less physically active

• Long commutes can lead to health complains

• An employee is exposed to harmful air pollution when they sit in traffic congestion for a long time

How Does Offering Office Transportation Services Help The Company?

• No Missed Workdays – Long commutes affect the health of the travelers. When employees’ health is affected, they might have to take a few days off, which affects how projects are delivered.

• No Challenges Hiring – Most professionals want to work near their homes. If a New York company sports top talent more than 10 miles away, it may face difficulties hiring the talent, thanks to the commute challenge. However, if the company commits to facilitate transport, hiring becomes more comfortable.

• No Errors – If an employee spends a few hours every day seated on the passenger’s seat in traffic congestion, they will likely make mistakes as they get to work tired. If the commute causes stress to the employees, their productivity will probably be severe. The result of this is that a company loses revenue.


When workers know that their employee transportation problem has been taken care of, they will be more productive. If your organization is experiencing losses, long commute, and the stress that workers go through might be the reason.

Eliminate the Commute Crisis


A commute program takes the stress off your workers by getting them to the office and back to their homes with ease. You can create a simple plan that gets everyone home. Such a program can offer:

• Door-to-Door Commute – Here, a company can cover the full cost or part of bus transportation costs. The workers are picked from their doors to the office and from the office to their homes.

• First and last-mile transportation – Here, you do not have to choose workers from their homes, but you can pick them from their public transport stations such as the railway station. The office will cover part of their ride to make them get to the office affordably.

• Late Night Commute – If an employee stays past the office hours and needs to get home, late-night rides can help guarantee their security when they travel back home.

Nowadays, one can automate and customize the commute program to fit the needs of all workers. Technology allows you to create an online plan from where you can control and manage what workers have access to. For instance, using software or an app, a company can set the budget that goes into commute services, the vehicle type, and workers. You can then add the workers to the program so that they can start requesting transportation services.

Once added, workers can then request rides. At NYC Van and Limo Employee Transportation Service –  we help create a commute program that meets your company’s needs. You can rent one of our vans.


Areas We Serve

We serve the following areas in New York and

• Brooklyn

• Queens

• The Bronx

• Staten-Island

• Manhattan NYC

• Long-Island


Shuttle Bus Rental Service


Ordering for a ride is easy and workers do not have to worry about delays and getting to work late. Workers can also save a lot of money when they use office transport. As a company, you will reduce your carbon foot print, and you’ll have done your part in making the world a safer place.

You can start an office transport program today with NYC Van and Limousine services by calling us on 212 567-1111. The services your workers get befit royals to make sure they get to the office fast and without the challenges of public transport.

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