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45 पैसेंजर स्कूल बस

शीर्ष 5 सर्वश्रेष्ठ बस रेंटल ब्लॉग

45 पैसेंजर स्कूल बस

प्रति घंटे की दर
प्रति घंटा दर
130 / घंटा Min 4 Hours | All Hourly Minimum above are for Manhatten Only all other boroughs, states & counties will be variable
प्रति दिन की दर
प्रति दिन की दर
1400 / दिन 10 घंटे
प्रति घंटे की दर
एयरपोर्ट हस्तांतरण
एलजीए 500 | जेएफके 500 | ईडब्ल्यूआर 600 हवाई अड्डा पिकिंग विज्ञापन 10
45 यात्री
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    45 पैसेंजर स्कूल बस

    NYC Van & Limo is the reliable transportation partner you are seeking. We have designed a price structure that suits most budgets. We are so confident in our service and rates will match or beat any reliable competitor.


    School Bus Rental and Charter – NYC Van & Limo provides ground transportation via School Bus for:


    Day trips

    Overnight trips

    Shuttles for large group moves

    Sport team transfers

    Camp retreats

    Amusement Park Transfers

    Grad Nights


    NYC Van & Limo has been serving Schools for years. School buses are a comfortable and affordable option for group transportation.


    School Bus Features:


    NYC Van & Limo school buses will comfortably hold 45 passengers. Most of the school buses that NYC Van & Limo offers are late model school buses (2008 or newer) are seat belt equipped and also provide under floor storage compartments and have AM/FM radios

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