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लिंकन कार्यकारी सेडान

लिंकन कार्यकारी सेडान

लिंकन कार्यकारी सेडान

प्रति घंटे की दर
प्रति घंटा दर
75 / घंटा न्यूनतम 2 घंटे
प्रति दिन की दर
प्रति दिन की दर
650 / दिन 10 घंटे
प्रति घंटे की दर
एयरपोर्ट हस्तांतरण
एलजीए 100 | जेएफके 120 | ईडब्ल्यूआर 150 हवाई अड्डा पिकिंग विज्ञापन 10
4 यात्री
काले चमड़े का आंतरिक भाग
गर्म सीट
डीवीडी प्लेयर
ऑन बोर्ड वाई-फ़ाई
आईफोन चार्जर
लैपटॉप डेस्क
अभी बुक करें

    लिमोज़ीन बुकिंग

    NYC Van & Limo services offers customers the elegance of the Lincoln executive sedan that provides comfort to passengers with 6 inches of additional legroom. Our executive sedans are all late model series and are distinctively offered in black on black..


    This elegant, luxury sedan is perfect for executive travel, for airport transfers, nights on the town, special occasions, funeral service – any situation that requires elegant, understated transportation. All NYC Van & Limo fleet vehicles are meticulously maintained, safety inspected and carry insurance coverage well above industry requirements.


    Lincoln Executive Sedan Features:


    Capacity – 3-4 passengers

    6″ Additional legroom capacity compared to standard sedan

    6″ longer rear doors with 90-degree opening livery hinges

    Headliner mounted vanity mirrors

    Two extra power points

    Redundant controls for: Audio, Climate and the Front passenger seat

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