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Hire a Driver - Driving Services 

Hire a Driver – Driving Services 

Looking To Hire A Driver – Driving Services For Your Special Day Just Call Us Now:(212) 567-1111
Hire a Driver - Driving Services 

Hire a Driver – Driving Services For Your Special Day when you need to get somewhere in comfort, you can easily rely on the professionals at NYC Van and Limo. With us, you can hire a driver, cruise around Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten-Island, Queens, or even some parts of NJ with ease. Rentals are easy and convenient, and in no time at all, you’ll be able to travel in style on your special occasion. We’ve been in operation for more than 20 years, and we wouldn’t be able to provide our customers with so much satisfaction if we didn’t have a great staff, so let’s take a look at what makes our team so special.

Our Chauffer Team
Over the past 20 years, we’ve brought over 9,000 customers happily to their destinations, and in that time, our customers have had good experience thanks to the hard work of our drivers. At NYC Van and Limo, we have 30 qualified chauffeurs on-staff, and each knows the NY roads and can drive any car, van, or bus in our fleet. Each knows the ins and outs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten-Island, Queens, and NJ so that they will easily be able to find the best way to get to your destination, no matter the time of day.

Each member of our crew understands NY traffic patterns and even knows the policies of the local airports like LGA, JFK, and EWR, which is why we’re one of the best JFK limousine services in the tri-state area.

Looking To Hire A Driver – Driving Services For Your Special Day Just Call Us Now:(212) 567-1111
Hire a Driver - Driving Services 

Reliability and Professionalism
There’s a reason why our company has accumulated more than 900,000 miles of customer transport over the past 20 years. It’s because our chauffeurs are trained to always place the customer’s needs first. Not only is our driving team fully licensed by the Department of Transportation, but our team also holds all required state and federal certifications to allow you to be chauffeured legally and safely.

Each of our drivers is also regularly drug tested and is held to an exacting standard of reliability and professionalism. This means that they will always be attired in such a way as to represent the company and you with a high degree of honor and respect. When you rent a stretch limousine from our company, it’s important to understand that your privacy is held in the highest priority – our drivers are trained to be discreet and respect your needs.

It’s our top priority is to ensure that you reach your destination safely. Dependable performance in this regard requires that our chauffeurs understand the local traffic conditions throughout the tri-state area. As a result, your trip will be as stress-free as our drivers can reasonably make it, which is a policy that has earned us many return customers.

Looking To Hire A Driver – Driving Services For Your Special Day Just Call Us Now:(212) 567-1111

Let Us Take the Wheel
While some enjoy the independence of driving, the roads around NY and NJ can be stressful. Also, traveling by car can oftentimes mean that you have no time to get additional work done before a crucial meeting. One of the best features of a limousine rental through our company is that riding in the back of a stretch limousine allows you to put the finishing touches on any work that’s still pending. It’s our belief that having a professionally chauffeured limo is a requirement for professionals, so it’s our job to provide you with a comfortable environment where you can finish up on work, prepare for your next meetings, or even relax while you decompress at the end of a hectic day.
Hire a Driver - Driving Services 

Thinking about attending a sporting event in the boroughs? Then, you should hire a driver from our company; we have a wide variety of comfortable auto options like limousines, SUV limousines, and even luxury shuttle van options. We offer door-to-door rides for our clients, so if you plan on having a full night out, we’ll be there to pick you up and drop you off as often as you need over the course of the evening.

Our professionals are also attentive; the conditions inside the inner cabin of the limousine can be changed to your specifications so that you’ll have a comfortable ride. One thing is important to understand about our company: we pride ourselves on service, and as a result, we hope to provide you with a little extra luxury and relaxation.

Looking To Hire A Driver – Driving Services For Your wedding Day Just Call Us Now:(212) 567-1111

Ready to Get Your to Your Departing Flight
Flying on the airlines is one of the more stressful things to deal with in modern life; there are delays and reroutes, but for our part, we hope to help make your trip to the airport a little less problematic. Our chauffeur’s LGA, JFK, and EWR limousine services will pick you up from your hotel, place of business, or home and ensure that you get to your departure gate in time for your flight.

In addition to all of this, our drivers will monitor the flight information for your particular flight, which means that you’ll know if there are gate changes, delays, or any other important developments. When you arrive at the airport, our chauffeurs will ensure that you disembark properly; they’ll open the doors and help you get your bags situated so that you can get to your flight with ease.

Our chauffeurs also offer pickup JFK limousine services as well, which means that you won’t have to hail a cab or wait in shuttle bus line when you arrive at JFK, LGA, or EWR. You’ll also be able to avoid the annoyance of waiting for the loading and unloading process at numerous shuttle bus stops along the way to your destination. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that there’s no wait-time when you arrive in NY or NJ, and our chauffeurs know how to efficiently pick you up and help get you underway in as short a time as possible.

Knowledgeable Drivers
NYC Van and Limo is dedicated to providing our customers with a seamless pickup experience so that we can get you to your destination as quickly as possible. In order to enhance the pickup experience for visitors to New York, it’s beneficial that our drivers also are very knowledgeable as well. Don’t know the city so well? Our drivers know each of the boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten-Island, and Queens like the backs of their hands, which means that we’ll be able to get you to where you’re going, quickly.

Additionally, if you’re just heading out to a sporting event at Madison Square Garden, our chauffeurs can get you there with time to spare and will wait for you during the event so that you can leave with the same level of luxury as you arrived in.

New York is the dining capital of the world, so finding the perfect place for your evening meal can be difficult. Fortunately, our drivers are well-versed in some of the best places to eat in the five boroughs so that you can find the Shanghai-style cooking that you want in Chinatown or nosh on the Italian cuisine that you heard about in Brooklyn.

Looking To Hire A Driver – Driving Services For Your Special Day Just Call Us Now:(212) 567-1111

Give Us a Try
Our drivers are waiting to pick you up so that you can experience the luxury and the unique culture that makes NY so special. It doesn’t matter the size of your party; we have stretch limousines and SUV models that can accommodate well over 20 people, so if you’re looking for a ride for a larger party, we’ve got you covered, so come travel in style with us. In fact, we even have shuttle van and shuttle bus rentals for the truly larger parties, and each of our large party offerings still presents amenities like black leather seating, CD/DVD players, and even heated seating.

Contact Us
Contacting us here in the NYC Van and Limo is easy; simply reach out to us on our 24/7 customer service line at (212) 567-1111. Our fleet is very versatile, and we can accommodate most customer needs. If you have any queries or questions about our fleet of luxury vehicles or you’re just out to get a quote before you sign up for our services, call (212) 567-1111 and our reps will help get you set up.

Looking To Hire A Driver – Driving Services For Your wedding Day Just Call Us Now:(212) 567-1111


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