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Аренда 44-местного туристического автобуса в Нью-Йорке


Аренда 44-местного туристического автобуса в Нью-Йорке

почасовая ставка
Почасовая ставка
170 / Час Min 4 Hours | All Hourly Minimum above are for Manhatten Only all other boroughs, states & counties will be variable
дневная ставка
Цена за день
1600 / День 10 часов
почасовая ставка
Трансфер из аэропорта
ЛГА 600 | Джон Кеннеди 700 | 750 евро Встреча в аэропорту, объявление 10
44 пассажира
Черный кожаный салон
Wi-Fi опционально
переменного тока/обогрева
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    Бронирование лимузина

    We Provide 44 Passenger Mid-Size Coach Bus Rental Service in NYC

    The 44 passenger mid-size coach bus is a popular rental that many people use to accommodate their transportation needs. With seating for up to 44 people, the coach bus ensures that there is enough room on board for everyone on your guest list. The mid-size coach buses are clean, comfortable, spacious and complete with all of the most desirable technologies offered today. This includes Wi-Fi, TVs with cable, armrests and more!

    Options for All Transportation Needs


    Browse our inventory to learn more about the 44-passenger midsize coach buses we offer for rental. No matter what type of event you are headed to, we have the perfect vehicle to get you there safely and securely. Our buses are all the latest model, high-quality, and stylish so you’re never embarrassed when you arrive. Our chauffeur also enhances the trip because when someone else takes care of the driving, there is more time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Reasons to Rent a Mid Size Coach Bus


    Call Нью-Йорк Ван и лимузин в (212)567-1111 to request a quote and to learn more about mid-size coach bus rental. One of our professional agents will discuss your needs and ensure that you get a great deal. There is no wrong reason to take advantage of this rental if you need accommodations for a large group of people. Common reasons that people rent coach buses to as their means of transportation include:

    – Wedding Services: A coach bus is the perfect transportation option when you are getting married in an out of town location and want family and friends to arrive safely.
    – Wine Tours: Some pretty amazing wine tours are available to anyone with an interest in tastings and faculty tours. You can learn plenty of information about wine during wine tours, so why not schedule a coach bus transportation and make your way to one of the great wine tours in NYC?
    – Casino Trips: Many people enjoy gambling, hopeful they’ll come back the big winner, but confident that they enjoyed a fun time on their night out. The mid-size coach is a great rental option for casino trips for your small group.

    There is no wrong reason to rent a mid-size coach when there is a group that needs to travel. Schools, churches, businesses, and even individuals use mid-size coach rental and so should you.


    Great Rates for Amazing Services

    We’re not too proud to toot our own horn. We offer great rates for amazing service and think that you will agree. It is our low prices that have helped us maintain the exceptional reputation that we’ve earned. We can show you better than we can tell you. If you need to rent premium vehicles, check out our great rates for amazing service. Learn firsthand why we are a name that sticks out from the crowd. Our drivers provide superior service and premium vehicles to you and all of the guests on board. Leave your transportation needs to the pros and let us show you why we’re a name New Yorkers trust!

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