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School Transportation Services

School Transportation Services

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Our School Transportation Services

School Transportation Services New York City is a great place to live, but it isn’t always easy for young commuters, and not all parents have time to worry about the school run. Knowing that you can get kids to school safely is a huge weight off the minds of many parents, and something that parents will appreciate. Our group transportation services include school bus services and mini bus services to take groups on school trips.

Professional Drivers, Carefully Vetted

One of the primary concerns that anyone should have with school transportation services is ensuring that the people who are picking up and dropping off the children are properly vetted and trained. We do everything we can to ensure that our transportation users are in safe hands and that the drivers are properly vetted, with background checks performed on a regular basis. We also ensure that our drivers are trained to handle any safeguarding and other issues that could crop up.

We have reliable, quality and robust vehicles, and our drivers know the tri-state area well, and have an understanding of the traffic patterns that they are likely to encounter on the school route. The children will get taken to the school on time, safely, smoothly and comfortably, in a bus that is comfortable to ride at any time of the year.

A Modern Fleet

Our fleet is well stocked and well maintained. We know how important it is to ensure that the kids get to school on time. We have a large fleet of vehicles so that if there is a breakdown the children will still make it in on time.

We have vehicles in a range of sizes, with luxury SUVs for up to 24 passengers, and busses for 44 to 56 passengers. So, whether you are looking for a smaller, luxurious vehicle to take kids to and from school or something that is suitable for a neighborhood pick-up service, we have something that will work for you.

School Transportation Services

Safety First

Even just a decade or two ago, it was safe, and considered normal, for kids to just walk to school or cycle there. While that is still the case in some neighborhoods, there are others where it is less so, and it is perfectly understandable for parents to worry about who their children may meet while they are on the way to school. Busy main roads are less cyclist friendly, too, and while the area may be one that is seen as ‘good’ and affluent, if it is too busy for a child with limited road awareness to cycle through then that is a valid concern for parents.

Our school transportation services offer a neat solution and are something that a school can offer at an affordable price, providing the parents that send children to your school with peace of mind, and making life that little bit more convenient for the children as well.

Some schools try to do their transportation in-house, and while that can be a good option for those that have insured and vetted drivers, if your school does not have the expertise required to maintain the fleet it can backfire. Even a medium-sized school will likely need to do several runs to manage the catchment area. That’s several vehicles, several drivers, and lots of wear and tear. Why add that workload to your already stretched admin team when you can outsource to a group that has many years of expertise in personal transportation, and that offers everything from school transportation services to corporate events?

Carefully Inspected Vehicles

We perform a multi-point vehicle inspection on all vehicles and inspect them regularly. We refresh our fleets regularly and don’t take chances with anything that may be showing wear and tear. We have a selection of vehicles to suit large and small schools and class groups, so you could choose a smaller, 24-seat vehicle for a kindergarten trip, for example.

School Transportation Services

Best Practices for Drivers

Every single one of our drivers knows that they have been entrusted with massive responsibility, and that they are doing a very important job. They know the importance of ensuring that when they are hired for our school transportation services they should take the safest possible route and drive defensively, to ensure that the group of children get to the school on time, and safely. They are there to act as both drivers and supervisors, to maintain a pleasant and safe environment for the children at all times. They may not have long conversations with the children, but they will see them every school day and can be a role model and have a huge impact on the lives of the young people that they interact with.

Drivers are trained to supervise the children and to ensure that they behave in a sensible manner on the bus. They keep the children safe on the roads and do everything they can to make the ride to and from school each day an enjoyable one. The school bus is one social situation for children where they can bond with other kids and meet older or younger children that they will not see in the classroom. Having a driver that facilitates positive interactions is something that will provide the children on the route with good memories for the future.

Some of the schools that we deal with are in multicultural areas, and having drivers that are well trained in the understanding of cultural diversity, and dealing with families that may still be learning English as a second language is something that we take pride in.

Invest In The Future of Your Students

We understand that school budgets are stressed, and that the education environment is becoming hugely competitive. If you want to make sure that your school stands out, and that you attract the best children with the most engaged parents, then it makes sense to invest in good transport for your school route and for class trips and outings. We are committed to offering affordable and reliable transportation that schools of any size could afford.

Many parents appreciate having the option to us school busses because each bus full of children going to school means an average of 36 fewer cars on the road, according to the American School Bus Council. This means that it could save billions of dollars in gasoline, reducing carbon emissions, making the roads that little bit safer, and protecting the future of the planet for everyone. If you want parents to think of your school as a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly school that cares about the children who attend it. These days, parents and local authorities alike are becoming more environmentally conscious and it makes sense to do everything that you can to support people to do their bit. Offering affordable, safe and reliable transport to your school helps to take some stress off the parents, and has those environmental benefits as well as a massive selling point.

We are proud to be a supportive, friendly and ethical company that offers transport for people from all walks of life. From corporate hospitality to kids in kindergarten, every single passenger that we transport matters to us, and every single driver takes pride in their job. We are proud to represent your school or college, and want to do our bit to make your learning environment the best place that it can be. Call us today if you would like to view our fleet or to learn more about the transport options that we have on offer.

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