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By calling (212) 567-1111, you can take full advantage of everything NYC Van & Limo has to offer. Serving New York City, Manhattan, The Bronx, Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn for over twenty years, our expertise cannot be matched. One of our most popular items is our shuttle bus rentals.

When you define shuttle bus, you would include any bus service that takes passengers between two fixed points. The distance between the two points typically can be traveled within an hour. This bus service can include a mini bus, coach, or regular bus.

Off-site shuttle services are also included in this definition. On-site shuttle services would be used for airports, bus stations, or train stations that have multiple terminals.

Which Event Trips Should Include a Mini Bus?

When you are planning particular event trips, shuttle bus rentals and off-site shuttle services might be necessary or even beneficial. Some examples include:

• Tours
• Reunions
• Outings
• College and corporate shuttles


If you plan to offer or enjoy tours in NY, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, or The Bronx, call 212 567-1111 for all your off-site shuttle services. Shuttle buses are excellent for a variety of tours.

Shuttle Bus RentalsWinery Tours

Our minibus can make your winery tour fun and fascinating. We all understand some wineries can be hard to navigate because of the narrow roads that wind. Some wineries do not even allow regular size buses on their tight roads for safety concerns. Our mini bus is the perfect solution to this issue. Call us 24/7 to use our shuttle bus rentals.

Sightseeing Tours

If you have ever driven the winding streets of San Francisco, you understand how constricting some areas of a city can be. Our shuttle bus rentals offer a mini bus which could easily and safely navigate these types of streets.


Family reunions can become a nightmare when you are trying to drive and handle all of the mess coming from the backseats. You have your route mapped out, but the other adults with you think they know a better course. This fact causes them to bicker and fight amongst themselves which takes your concentration from the road.

Call (212) 567-1111 to utilize our off-site shuttle services to Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Long Island, Brooklyn, and other areas surrounding NY. Our mini bus rental comes with a friendly and well-trained driver. You can sit and relax while our expert does the driving and navigating.

Shuttle Bus Rentals


Our shuttle bus rentals are perfect for your corporate or family outings. Whether your event trips include only business or only team building, our minibus coach is the best choice. As you ride in luxury, you and your coworkers or family can chat or work as you travel to your destination.

College or Corporate Shuttle Bus Rentals

Our minibus is the perfect solution for students trying to get across campus to get to class and for those businessmen and women who are trying to get from the office to meeting place.

Is a Shuttle Bus or a Party Bus the Better Choice?

When transporting many individuals, calling (212) 567-1111 gives you a variety of options including an everyday shuttle, coach, mini bus, or party bus. Each of these types of buses has different amenities and styles which can enhance your experience.

If your group includes more than 15 but less than 30, a minibus is a great option. A lot of people don’t realize that a party bus and a mini bus are virtually the same. The style of the coaches is the same, but the insides are slightly different.

Many people think of the style of a shuttle bus that is used at airports to take you from your car to the terminal. Shuttle bus rentals have come a long way from these boring buses. Coach style seating and blue-tooth sound systems are just two of the multitude of changes.

Shuttle buses are a fraction of the price of a party bus and you can still ‘party’ on our shuttle bus rentals. Call us now at (212) 567-1111 to compare our shuttle bus to any party bus. You will find our minibus might be the better choice.

Are Employee Shuttles Effective?

Sometimes when shuttle bus rentals are mentioned, the advantages for employers are often overlooked. We know that communing together provides a variety of environmental benefits, but research shows that providing a shuttle bus for your employees improves the health and happiness of these employees. A variety of other reasons can be investigated also.

Employees will feel better.

When an employee uses a company shuttle, he or she has downtime to prepare for the day or to recuperate from the day. This time also gives them time to have informal discussions which may reduce stress levels.

The company will be known as an excellent place to work.

A side benefit of offering a shuttle for your employees is gaining a reputation for caring about your employees. It may even be known that you support a life and work balance.

Great shuttle service may attract great employees.

Shuttle service for your employees will improve health and wellbeing but it will also save your employees money. It will also provide social interaction between your employees which can lead to team building. This team building will make your employees feel more connected to their jobs.

Shuttle services can save you money, also.

If you offer shuttle service, a parking garage may be unnecessary. You will not have to pay for mileage if you offer shuttle bus service also. Some companies can enjoy tax credits for certain shuttling programs

Your environmental benefits are recognized by others.

A shuttle service greatly decreases your business’s carbon footprint which will be noticed by others. It is also an important step in saving our planet for future generations.

Should you use a shuttle bus for your wedding?

A wedding day is one of the most critical days in a person’s life. Calling (212) 567-1111 will ensure you great the right transportation for your big day. We will be your designated driver to ensure everyone gets to and from the wedding securely. We will also offer a comfortable ride for all your guests.

When you book one of our charters, you will have an excessive amount of breathing room for all of your guests. Another great benefit of using our shuttle bus rentals is everyone in the wedding party can arrive together, so no one gets lost or shows up late.

Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, NY, and Brooklyn can be overwhelming to navigate if you are not local. Our shuttle bus can prevent your guests from getting lost or becoming frustrated with the traffic. A shuttle bus will also reduce the amount of parking you will need. Call us today at (212) 567-1111 to take full advantage of all of these benefits and much more.

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