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Van Rental in NYC 

VAN RENTAL Manhattan NYC: Best Rental Service Vehicle Provider

Want To Rent A van In Manhattan NYC? Just call Now: (212) 567-1111 Manhattan NYC Van & Lino Passenger Van & Driver  Rentals In Manhattan NYC. We have been In Service for TWENTY SIX Years. Book Now For Least Expensive Rates! Biggest Van Fleet In Manhattan NYC· Price Matching Available · Unlimited Miles · Free Of Charge Customer Pick Up Choose The Best Van Rental Manhattan NYC

Whether you reside in one of the Manhattan NYC 5 boroughs or you visit New York on vacation or business, Manhattan NYC Van and Limo can get you where you might want to go in style and comfort. We’re the van rental Manhattan NYC turns to for personal and business transport needs.




Van Rental Manhattan NYC – A Service You could Rely on

Over 20 years, NYC Van and Limo has provided the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut with passenger van service it can rely on. We don’t just provide luxurious transportation. We offer within the city and state to state travel which is far comfy. So far, we’ve ferried more than 9,000 travelers to their destination in NY, NJ, and CT.

Logistics Gurus

We understand the significance of punctuality. Our chauffeurs are taught on how to manage their time efficiently so as to meet the needs of the customers ensuring timely arrival to appointment places. If you are heading to church, we can get you there straight away. We take punctuality so seriously that we offer an On-Time Guarantee.

Our drivers know the city well. As a matter of fact, they can drive you anywhere in the city of NJ, NY, and CT. The staff at Manhattan NYC Van and Limo stay on top of road closures, delays, roadblocks, weather and other issues that could put you behind schedule – so they don’t. Our drivers map alternate routes to help you get where you need to go. We’re the van rental Manhattan NYC knows it can rely on for timely, stress-free arrivals.

Corporate Conferences

If you are planning to organize a meeting with style and you planned to hold it in the city or anywhere in NY or you need a company retreat in another state in the USA, we can get everyone there with comfort and no delay. Our passenger van service offers 12 passengers and also 15 passenger vans, plus sprinters and buses and all come with the driver.

All our motor vehicles come with WiFi internet connections. You will have the opportunity to complete work or get in touch with anyone while still on travel. In addition, we have motor vehicles which provide a space for wheelchairs. Since we plan tours, we’re the ideal driving service for corporate retreats. Our luxury vehicles will be the perfect transportation choice for the travel. On the way to retreat, you can all meet in the vehicle. It uses commonly wasted travel time by providing Internet-connected brainstorming time. You can get our service if you need a transportation motor vehicle to and from your retreat to develop your mission statement, strategic plan or business plan. We at van rental Manhattan NYC can make your travel in to modern business transportation.

Sightseeing and Travels
In case you plan to get a vacation or a tour in New York City. We can provide you a ride. You can travel in style and comfort in one of our luxury vans or buses. We have readily available vans and buses with sprinters that could manage 12 to 15 passengers. Perhaps you have a list of sites to see. In case you are at the loss where to start, we could plan a tour of sites for you. We will not just get you there. We will assist you to enjoy your travel time. In case you are not from USA and just visiting the country for a holiday, we can give you a tour guide to make your stay more entertaining and enjoyable.In addition to our expert services, we provide a passenger van service with WiFi and GPS available. Our minivans, passenger vans, and cargo vans provide roomy comfort, so no-one squabbles over leg room. Van Rental Manhattan NYC is some thing you can turn into if you want to travel with luxurious comfort.


Family Travel

Skip the many disasters that have befallen the Griswold’s by hiring one of our vans with the driver to transport you to your vacation destination. In case you need a ride to the airport with Five of you having luggage. Perhaps you would like to go skiing in CT but would like to road trip to the lodge. Our motor vehicles offer lots of room for family, luggage, skis, and poles.

If you’d like to have a NY or NJ road trip, renting our executive limo and vans is the ideal vehicles for you. Why take multiple vehicles to gas up when you can leave the driving to us and travel together? You could consider splitting up the travel expenditures with 14 to 28 members of the family and have a ride and tour around USA without having to spend a lot. You will travel in luxurious style with a chauffeur, meaning all the family members enjoy each other’s company without needing to focus on the road. If your up for a fantastic family vacation getaway, you could call us, van rental Manhattan NYC.

Transportation for Wedding

Many people only consider a limo when planning a wedding, but our passenger van service with driver included can transport your wedding party and out-of-town guests to and from the NY or NJ airports, the rehearsal dinner, the rehearsal, the wedding and also the reception. Our limos are still patiently waiting to drive off the groom and bride to their honeymoon location.

With our skilled staff handling your transportation needs, you may enjoy spending time with your future spouse and both sides of your growing family. We’ll handle the trip planning, time schedules, and route planning. All that’s left for you is enjoy the travel. We are a van rental Manhattan NYC that you can turn to if you want any assistance in making your special day best.


Airport Service

Our airport service guarantees you have a reputable, comfortable ride to pick you up at the airport and transport you on time to your location. We also offer transportation to the airport. From Laguardia (LGA), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) airports to your destination, our business service is available.

Traveling with us makes sure that you will get to the airport promptly with a few allowances for check-in and security checks. You won’t miss your flight with us behind the wheel. We are the van rental Manhattan NYC that could ensure you will arrive at your flight without any delay.

Our Licensed and Well Trained Chauffers

The Manhattan NYC Van and Limo employs 30 professional and licensed chauffeur. Each holds a Department of Transportation (DOT) license and certification. Each driver undergoes a drug test. They come in the professional outfit. Our staff of drivers maintains a professional, discreet demeanor. We’re the van rental Manhattan NYC turns to for well-trained, expert drivers who go the extra mile.

Our Expansive Fleet

We could give you various types of service vans. You have choices from our fleet of SUV’s, vans, sprinters and buses.

Our fleet comes with:
·    Four to six spot for wheelchair accessible passenger vans
·    full-size cargo vans,
·    FOURTEEN passenger executive sprinter van,
·    Ford high top van with FOURTEEN passenger
·    Limo/lounge with TWENTY-EIGHT8 seats

We at van rental Manhattan NYC can give you a transportations needs be it a small or huge vehicle that you need.

Vans with 4 to 6 Wheelchair Access

We provide wheelchair accessible van rentals with driver. Our transit van features:
·    Electronic lift for wheelchair
·    roomy six-seat passenger area,
·    Storage for luggage

Full-Size Cargo Vans

As you are planning to move, we provide service vehicle like full-size cargo van with driver. We could send you to your desired destination whether you are to move in CT, NJ or just another block. Our roomy cargo vans also provide a great transportation method to trade shows or even conventions where you might want to set up a booth. The cargo space of our five-door vans is enough for your booth set up, luggage and promotional giveaways. We have lots of room for your booth set-up, posters, promotional giveaways, luggage and the likes since it has 5 doors and it’s spacious.

14 Passenger Executive Sprinter Van

Long or short destination, our FOURTEEN passenger executive sprinter van could provide you a comfortable trip. The features included in sprinter vans are the following:

·    14 passenger van
·    standing room height,
·    black leather passenger seats,
·    Ample leg room.

High top van- 14 Seats
Our FOURTEEN passenger Ford high top vans with driver provide a large capacity van with the leg room and head clearance to make even the tallest individuals comfortable. Every van has enough luggage space at the back part of the motor vehicle. Our high top vans feature:
·    FOURTEEN-passenger seating,
·    Accessible side step
·    Five Entrance and Exit Doors
·    Dual Aircondition
·    Windows that are tinted

TWENTY-EIGHT seating limo/lounge bus

If you are traveling with a big group and loves to appreciate luxury, its ideal to travel utilizing our 28 passenger limo/lounge bus with driver.Lounge bus inclusions :
·    28 passenger seating,
·    black leather interior,
·    Heated seating.

Our Flexible Prices

We provide per hour, full day and package pricing choices. We provide competitive, cost-effective prices that will make you wonder if you are really in NY. Our rates begin at only $90 per hour for our cargo vans. Give us a call at (212) 567-1111 to discuss your needs for transport within New York or to other locations of the USA.

Contact Us

In case you are in New York and you need a driver and a motor vehicle, you might contact Manhattan NYCVan and Limo at (212) 567-1111. We’ll drive you in NY and points beyond in the USA. Let our comfortable luxury vans make your trip to New York City or even NY a pleasure. You could continue your paper works while on the car and leave all the driving to us. We can also provide a guided tour for travels in major sites. Make a call today.

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Want To Rent A van In Manhattan NYC? Just call Now: (212) 567-1111 Manhattan NYC Van & Lino Passenger Van & Driver  Rentals In Manhattan NYC. We have been In Service for TWENTY SIX Years. Book Now For Least Expensive Rates! Biggest Van Fleet In Manhattan NYC· Price Matching Available · Unlimited Miles · Free Of Charge Customer Pick Up Choose The Best Van Rental Manhattan NYC
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