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Taking a Group Trip to NYC? 

It’s a whole lot better to rent a bus rather than arranging for private vehicles. This will not only be more cost-efficient, but also individuals don’t need to stress over when and also where others will arrive. Everyone will travel in the exact same vehicle, and it will be two times the fun. With automobile rental business offering charter bus rental service throughout NYC, it is now feasible for large groups to travel together.


Charter Bus Rentals in NYC

Those that are looking for reputable, comfortable, as well as luxury transport to take a trip around NYC must look for the nearest charter bus rental companies operating in the city. NYC Van and Limo is one of the services that people can trust. They have more than twenty years of experience in this indutry, and also their fleet of charter buses is amazing. 

Some of the kinds of buses one can expect to rent from this company are:

• 18 Passenger Infiniti QX56

For groups that do not intend to throw an average party at their home or in a banquet hall can celebrate inside an 18-passenger bus. Invite all your close friends, and it will certainly be an event to remember. It is practically like traveling in a limo. 

The top quality of the seats, the maintenance of the bus, and also the interiors- every little thing is top-notch, making the trip comfy enough for the whole gang.

• School Buses

This charter bus rental business in NYC also supplies a 45-seat school bus. This is best for schools that are planning to take their students on a class trip. If there is a scarcity of automobiles and also the institution demands taking all the students together, the 45-passenger bus will certainly suffice to accommodate an enormous group. Aside from the luxurious buses that people typically see, NYC Van and Limo also ensures that their clients have a memorable experience with their exceptional customer service.

• 36 Passenger Limo Bus

As the name suggests, this is one of the most lavish charter buses in NYC one can ever expect. People are used to seeing regular limousines, however a limo bus is something else altogether. Whether it is for a field trip throughout NYC or a visit to some of the tourist locations in NYC, these buses are roomy enough for people to travel comfortably. 

Business like NYC Van and Limo have numerous limo buses in their fleet that people can pick from. If they need a bigger bus, then a 54-passenger variation is likewise offered. On the other hand, a smaller sized alternative is also offered that fits 28 passengers.

Charter Bus Rental NYC


Charter Bus Services

This charter bus rental service accommodates different occasions. Depending on the number of travelers, they will recommend the very best bus that the customer must choose. Several of the events for which people can lease buses are:

1.Sports Events

If the customer does not wish to deal with the frustration of transporting a large group of players, then they can hire a charter bus rental business like NYC Van and Limo for the whole team. Whether it is players or dedicated fans, this bus rental service will certainly ensure that everyone has a comfortable ride. With extremely skilled drivers, customers can rest assured that they can unwind on the way to the stadium. 

The buses are not just sizable for individuals; they also have premium storage to make sure that the equipment of all the players fits easily. All the buses include amenities like restrooms, reclining seats, etc.

2. Wedding

Those planning on sending all their wedding guests to the wedding venue in a single-car must think about leasing a charter bus. The visitors will show up in style without you needing to consider renting out numerous private vehicles. All the businesses offering charter bus rental service have expert drivers who always show up well ahead of time at the pickup spot. They know the paths that allow them to arrive at the final destination promptly. It is tough to arrange for multiple vehicles for visitors, particularly when clients have to plan numerous things for the wedding. 

Instead of taking care of that headache, it will certainly be a good idea to call a reputable charter bus rental service in NYC like NYC Van and Limo to send a luxurious bus that accommodates all the guests. Furthermore, many wedding event places have issues with parking, and also with the busy traffic in NYC; the guests might show up late at their location. Nevertheless, when clients send them together on a bus, it not only solves the parking situation but also ensures that every person shows up before the wedding starting. The bus drivers are friendly, and also they will wait for all the guests to arrive prior to beginning the trip.

3. Business Events

Companies throwing team parties anticipate everybody to attend the occasion together. As a result, if everybody needs to come together, it is better to take a trip in the same vehicle. This provides the right opportunity for customers to work with a charter bus rental service in NYC that will certainly bring the entire team to the celebration location. 

Everyone can store their travel luggage or carry-ons on the bus without the threat of losing them. All the buses have comfortable reclining seats, ac units, televisione, and also numerous other amenities to make the trip delightful.

In addition to group celebrations, if customers need to pick up a team of company associates, a charter bus is the very best mode of transportation to opt for. The sleek interiors and the smooth ride will take the tension away after a long plane trip.

4. School Trips

Schools preparing to arrange a field trip, however do not wish to deal with the hassles of organizing a large transportation of students can turn to the buses from NYC Van and Limo. Youngsters should be able to take a trip comfortably, particularly when they are going to be a part of an epic trip. Apart from field trips, if a school wishes to upgrade from its old and traditional bus to a much more comfy one with reclining seats and luxury interiors, then they need to speak to a charter bus rental company in NYC like NYC Van & Limo. With DVD players and also onboard tv, students can learn about geography, history, and also science when they are on their way to school.

Several colleges likewise organize educational trips, yet if the transportation does not accommodate all the students conveniently, they will bounce against the walls of the bus. Don’t allow that happen. The moms and dads might whine later if they come to know that their children got injured during the school trip. Instead, rent a big charter bus that will certainly fit a substantial number of students together. Moreover, when pals take a trip together, the trip becomes more pleasurable. The charter bus rental services also permit over night trips for schools. Students will need to carry their luggage. Nonetheless, if they do not intend to keep them in the open, the buses will certainly have enough space to store their valuables. Collegiate sports teams or high school trips frequently need sizable buses that include baggage bays below the bus.

charter bus rental NYC


Best Chauffeurs in the Business

One of the reasons why charter bus rentals are becoming so popular is that the buses are properly maintained. Aside from the buses, the chauffeurs are exceptional when it concerns driving skills. Most notably, they are certified and have a DOT license. Every driver goes through a drug test prior to they are hired. Their understanding regarding the NYC roads and also daily traffic conditions is exceptional.


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If you are searching for a company that supplies the best charter bus rental service in NYC, then you should speak to NYC Van and Limo. Their sense of timing, duty, vehicle maintenance, and also expertise is unrivaled. With a fleet of mind-boggling buses, clients will certainly have a range of options to choose from for their transportation needs. Just call (212) 567-1111 to schedule your next charter bus rental today!


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