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Charter Bus Rental manhattan

Charter Bus Rental 

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Charter Bus Rental

Are you planning to travel with friends, family, a school group, or a sports team? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us for elite charter bus rental services. With a friendly, professional, and highly-trained team of chauffeurs and a dedicated customer service team, we are here to offer professional assistance.

Why Hire a Charter Bus?

A charter bus is a coach bus that is designed to transport large groups of people for both short and long distances. Anything from a multi-hour day trip to an overnight trip can be accommodated by a coach bus. There are a variety of different bus styles available, but they all have the same general purpose of getting you and your group safely and comfortably from one destination to the next. Many people prefer to travel with a group through a charter bus rental because it is an easy way to ensure everyone, especially a large group, gets to the same place at the same time. Charter buses are also an effective form of group transportation if you’re looking to save money and have a more efficient and relaxing method of travel. When you sign up for a charter bus rental with us, you won’t have to worry about inconveniences like arranging carpools, giving everyone directions, coordinating pick-up, arrival, and departure times, and even paying for tolls and parking. We handle all of that for you! All you need to do is tell us what size bus you need, where you are going, and when you need to rent a charter bus.

Who Should Rent a Charter Bus?

If you are planning an outing with friends and family to a special event, you may be considering a party bus. Both charter and party buses can be a luxurious and comfortable way to travel. However, charter buses are generally advised for larger groups. If you are traveling with more than 30 people, it’s usually a good idea to reserve a charter bus.

While anyone can call us and rent a charter bus, they are typically used by groups. This includes school groups, couples, businesses, sports teams, entertainment companies, and church groups. School groups often need a reliable and efficient way to travel around New York City, especially if they’re coming from out of town. In this case, a charter bus rental is a practical solution for visiting a cultural center, museum, Broadway show, and more. They’re also commonly requested by colleges and universities to give visiting prospective students campus tours. If you have a need to hire transportation for weddings, charter buses are a good option. In addition to providing guests with safe and relaxing transportation to the wedding, they’re a good choice for post-wedding activities like bachelor parties. A charter bus rental is also a popular option for businesses. Business travelers must often be at a certain place at a certain time. They’re also often tired after traveling. Therefore, charter buses are a great solution for businesses. Since we offer airport pick-ups and transfers, we can even come right to your preferred destination. Charter buses are generally equipped with conveniences like WiFi and work desks. This makes them especially appealing for those who need to stay connected on the road. Churches also rent charter buses for a number of reasons. This includes service projects, mission trips, fellowship activities, and youth group retreats. By renting a charter bus, sports teams and their coaches can all arrive before the meet or game on time. Sharing the ride over keeps everyone motivated for the game, too. Finally, entertainment companies use charter buses to transport people to and from a venue.

How Big are Charter Buses?

Charter buses vary in size. The smallest have 36 seats, while larger buses can have up to 60 seats. Most have about 55 seats, but the total number varies based on the model and manufacturer. The seating capacity also varies by any modifications that a charter bus has had.

Charter Bus Amenities

Charter buses, like party buses, come with a variety of amenities. A main difference is that charter buses often have storage space for luggage, either inside the bus, along the sides, or both. They also have a lavatory on board, which may only be available on select party bus models. While they vary in amenities, passenger capacity, and layout, charter buses and party buses have many conveniences in common. This includes a WiFi connection, charging outlets for phones and electronics, USB parts, and televisions, which may even have DVD players, too. Heating and air conditioning may also be standard on a charter bus. On our charter buses, you’ll also find an upscale interior made of black leather that is designed to make your ride as comfortable as possible, no matter how far you’re going. Our fleet also includes a school bus that seats up to 45 passengers. This bus is also certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) for your peace of mind.

Financing a Charter Bus Rental

Once you determine that a charter bus is the right choice based on your group size, you’ll want to know how much it costs. Our charter bus rentals are priced at a basic level through daily and hourly rates. Some vehicles have a minimum hourly rental requirement. Other factors play into the price of a charter bus rental too, such as your pick-up location and whether we’ll need to travel out of the city or the state. These, along with airport pick-up and transfer, add an additional fee to the cost of your bus rental.

No matter where you’re traveling, our customer service team will gladly tell you about special packages that we offer. This includes renting a bus for a Broadway show, weddings, night parties, and sporting events. Since these are all reasons why many people choose a charter bus rental in the first place, we are happy to tell you about deals that could save you money. Paying for a bus in cash will also provide a small discount.

As a premier charter bus rental company, we look forward to getting your group safely and comfortably where they need to go. Call our travel agents today to learn more about a charter bus, find one that’s the right size, and arrange your travel dates.

Charter Bus Rental 

Charter Bus Rental

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