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Employee Shuttle Transportation Services

Employee Shuttle Services

What Services Can Your Company Expect?

 A shuttle picks workers from one location and drops them to another, usually to help groups of workers avoid the hassle of public transport. Offering employee shuttle services can be challenging for companies, especially when the number of workers is high. 

 However, your company doesn’t have to go to the trouble of buying vehicles or hiring drivers and maintaining a program, as we have you covered. A good shuttle service offers convenience, safety, and efficiency. 


                     Employee Shuttle Transportation Services

How do these shuttle services move your workers?

Campus Transport 

 If your business is on a large campus, it will take workers time to move from one facility to the next. Instead of wasting time, inter-campus vehicles help move the personnel. These services ensure that workers get to where they need fast and safely to their destination.

 Large corporate campuses in New York have vehicles that move from one section to the next, making stops to drop workers where they need. Instead of running its transport services, the company will benefit by hiring transport services. This way, your corporate campus benefits by having:

 • Fewer costs of administration

 • Vehicles that are always in good condition

 • Professional and experienced drivers 

 • More productivity of the workers 

 • No additional costs of maintaining the vehicles 


Vehicles to Satellite Offices and Local Conveniences

 Corporations with satellite offices can benefit from these services as workers can take shuttles to the office or local conveniences. The vehicle can take the workers to a coffee shop after work or take them to a restaurant during lunch hour. Workers value such perks as they make their commute easy. Again, the corporation doesn’t have to meet the cost of running facilities such as restaurants and fitness centers at the workplace.

 The shuttle can make stops at the supermarket, banks, and medical facilities. When workers do not use their money on gas or waste their lunch hour using public transport to the nearby bank, they will be more productive in the afternoon. 

 If your company runs downtown posts and needs to attract millennials living and working in the city, a shuttle service can help you attract these younger workers. 



To and From Public Transit Stations

 Most Companies can meet half the office commute cost of its workers by picking them from the public transit station. Workers prefer to have an office near the transit station. If a worker has to walk for thirty minutes to get to the office after alighting at the train station, they will get to the office tired, and their productivity is severed. 

 A company reaps huge benefits by picking workers from the train or bus station. By doing so, they can:

 • Interest those who do not want to drive, do not have a car, or are unable to drive

 • Attract workers who would like to save money on gas by using public transport 

 • Reduce the company’s carbon footprint by using the same vehicles to transport workers to and from the transit station

 • Advertise on the car by having the company logo or name on the side of the vehicle. A van gets more visual impressions than a stationary ad board – at least 5,000 images. 

 • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars for the workers, making it easier for them to manage their money


Why Trust Our Services?

 Your workers are safe in our bus or van service. We customize our services to meet your company’s needs and those of your workers. We make use of an advanced vehicle management system to monitor mileage, repairs, and preventive maintenance. This way, the chances of a vehicle breakdown are minimal, and this keeps costs low. 

 The use of modern advanced vehicles makes the office commute safer for the workers. These vehicles come with camera systems that make the commute safe and reduce the cost of insurance. The cameras will show any accidents and the behavior of drivers to reduce the chances of an accident. This advanced technology reduces on-fault accidents. When we spend less on insurance, maintenance, and repairs, the result is that your company also pays less for the vehicles. 

 Wi-Fi can be available to the workers to stay updated before they get to the office. The workers can also take their minds off the commute by using the Wi-Fi for personal reasons.

 There are so many other advantages you get, including comfortable rides and affordable services. 


Get Transport Services Today

 Every corporation needs these shuttle services. Whether the vehicle moves workers within or outside the campus, there is an advantage to getting workers where they need to be fast and efficient. Your company can rent a van, bus or hire services from the transportation company. Our rentals ensure that you get the services you need with a modern vehicle that provides comfort & safety. 

 You can quickly customize pickup locations and schedules to give your workers the convenience they need to get to and from the office. You can pick between a minibus, or a bus, depending on how many people your office needs to transport. The shuttle services and the vehicles are in good condition to ensure workers’ safety and convenience. 

 You can call 212 567-1111 today and start planning the transport program and the nature of services you need.

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