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After School Transportation Service

After School Transportation Service

Bring Your Kids Safely Back Home With After School Transportation Service For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (212) 567-1111

After School Transportation Service Have your children just started going to school? You have to drop them at school and also make time to bring them back home. It often becomes quite hectic, right? Especially, if the school is far from your home, it can clash with your office timings every day. So, what is the best thing to do in such a case? Well, you can opt for an after school transportation service that will arrange for the pickup and drop-off of your children from school. All this while you may have thought that leaving your kids alone with strangers can turn out to be a disaster. But, that is not what you should be worried about. At NYC Van & Limo, all our drivers and the helpers in the car are screened before they are hired. There are many more reasons why after school transportation service from NYC Van & Limo should be opted by all working parents.

Let your kids be independent

It is not always good to have your kids under your watchful eyes. You get to spend enough time at home with them and a couple of hours at school will pass by in a flash. However, if you are still waiting for them after school, they would become too dependent on you. There have been cases when kids have started to cry when they could not see their parents after school. Let this not be the case with your kids as well. The freedom to mix with other kids on the bus and interacting with new people is good for the child. This is the first step to becoming self-sufficient in the long-run.

When kids make friends at school, they want to be with them all the time. So, why not give them that extra time so that they can come together on a common school bus.

Kids will be safe

When safety is concerned, there is nothing better than after school transportation service. NYC Van & Limo take every precautionary measure to make sure that all the kids reach their home safely. Since we have to handle a lot of kids every day, the drivers and caretakers make sure that they are familiar to everyone. Kids can often react differently to strangers, especially when they are young. Everyone responsible at NYC Van & Limo for providing the after school transportation service is always on the lookout for the kids so that they do not go anywhere from the school premises.

After School Transportation Service

Keeps the roads safe

Oddly enough, kids have been the cause of various road accidents in the recent past. Once they cross the school premises, they hardly have any idea of where to go. If you are late to reach the school and your kid has already left by the time you arrive, you will go crazy. You never know what the kids are up to these days. They can roam the streets on their own because they don’t know their way back home. The more kids are off the roads, the safer the roads are from accidents. To avoid such things from happening, it is best if you hire us to bring your child back from school every day.

Helps your kids to socialize

The bus in which your kids will be dropped home will have children of various age groups. This will help your kids to interact with them. It is important for kids to socialize with other children. You will notice that your kids will be more enthusiastic to go to school so that they can meet their friends and also enjoy the ride back home.
Hiring of drivers

If you are still worried about the fact that your kids won’t be safe in someone else’s car, then you should learn the screening process that we have for the drivers to make sure that only the best in the business is driving the car that will drop your kids back home. Here are some of the terms and conditions that we have for the drivers to meet in order to get selected:

• Any person who applies for the job of a driver for dropping kids at home after school must be at least 21 years of age.

• He/she should have a minimum of 3 years of experience of working with children.

• In addition to the working experience with children, the driver should have a clean driving record of at least 3 years. The chances of getting hired are more if the record of clean driving is more.

• The driver must be educated in a known school or college.

• He/she should own a four-wheeler vehicle and it must be in good condition.

There will be security checks even if the driver fulfills all the conditions mentioned above. Criminal records, records of violence, and reputation in their neighborhood are all taken into consideration. The vetting process is even stricter. Multiple background checks are done on the driver before he/she is finally hired.

• Records for sex offenders are checked thoroughly. Since there will be kids of all ages in the bus, it is important to tick this box off. With so many sex offense cases happening in the last few years, it has become a mandate to hire a driver that has no sex offense against his/her name.

• Driving record validation and DMV are checked in detail and verified.

• The Department of Justice and National level FBI will conduct background checks to make sure that the driver does not have any criminal record that he/she might be hiding. This includes inspection of social security number and validating the address of the driver.

After School Transportation ServiceAfter all the checks are done, the driver would have to appear for a personal interview from our company officials. They are asked about their career, driving experience, how to handle kids in different situations, and the purpose of their job. The driver will have to pass a driving test in order to get selected. There will be a 20 point inspection of their vehicles too. This is done to get an idea of how much care he/she takes of his own car.

The selection process is very rigid at NYC Van & Limo. It is mainly because we want to hire the most trusted and reliable drivers who would keep your children and other kids safe. Tackling kids require special skills and these drivers should have those skills to get hired.

By now, you must have got some faith in this service. Following are a couple of more reasons that would want to opt for NYC Van & Limo services:

• Parents are updated as soon as their kids board the bus. You will get notifications as soon as the ride starts. There will be another notification when the car is within a few minutes from reaching your home.
• Parents will be able to track the car in which their kids are returning home. You will be informed about the details of the driver when the ride starts so that you can keep an eye. This is crucial during the initial stages when your kids are coming back home alone.

• There will be notifications every time your child is picked up from the school and also when they are dropped off at home. You also have the option to rate the drivers according to their behavior with the children.

The safety and security of children are of primary concern for NYC Van & Limo providing after school transportation service. You can be assured that your kids will be safely dropped home every single time.

After School Transportation Service For More Info Please Call Us: (212) 567-1111

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